The 2021 State Combined Events Championships will take place at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park on the 30th and 31st January 2021. Athletes in the Under 9 through to Under 16 age groups are eligible to participate.

The Combined Events consist of between five and seven separate disciplines depending on which age group a child is in. Events consisting of five disciplines will be held on one day. Events consisting of more than five disciplines will be held on two consecutive days.

Cost: $40 ($32 Multi-Class Athletes)

Entries Open: 18th December 2020 (4:00 pm)

Entries Close: 17th January 2021 (11:59 pm) OR; entry cap has been reached.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements. Athletes are able to directly enter without any participating in a previous event.

Event Schedule

Saturday: U9, U10, U13, Multi-Class U9-U10, U11-U12 & U13-U16 (Boys & Girls)

Sunday: U11, U12, U14 & U16 (Boys & Girls)

Saturday & Sunday: Under 15 (Boys & Girls)

Event Grid

Entry Caps

U9 to U12: 60 Boys & 60 Girls
U13: 50 Boys & 50 Girls
U14: 35 Boys & 35 Girls
U15: 30 Boys & 30 Girls
U16: 20 Boys & 20 Girls

Multi-Class – U9 to U10: 8 Boys & 8 Girls
Multi-Class – U11 to U12: 8 Boys & 8 Girls
Multi-Class – U13 to U16: 8 Boys & 8 Girls


This year Multi-Class will be included for the first time, and those athletes in the U15 age group can qualify for ALAC selection, depending upon performance.

The age group types for the Multi-Class are U9-U10, U11-U12 and U13-U16, boys and girls. Multi-Class athletes require a provisional or full classification.

Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC): Under 15 Athletes

Athletes are selected for the Australian Combined Events Championships (ACEC) by the Selection panel. This selection process occurs on Sunday afternoon/night of the State Combined Events Championships.

Under 15 athletes competing in the State Combined Events Championships will be invited along with their parents to attend a selection meeting at the conclusion of the medal presentation.

Due to the structure of the ACEC, the athletes selected will be required to confirm their acceptance prior to leaving the venue on Sunday afternoon.

Competition Rules and Regulations

Click here to view the Competition Rules and Regulations.

Live Stream

The entire event will be broadcast live on our Facebook and YouTube pages.