A busy morning was held at Masons Lane Reserve on Saturday morning for the Centre.  The meet commenced with a number of presentations.  First presentations were the PB Stars of the Week receiving the Darley Bakehouse awards followed by the training awards.  Tamara Henry was then presented with her Centre record certificate from last week when she set a new Under 16 Long Jump record.  Elliot Banigo was presented with his Victorian Best Performance certificate. Elliot set a new Victorian Under 9 60m Hurdles record at the Region Track & Field Championships on February 16 at Corio.  Finally, the Centre Combined Event awards from last Saturday were then presented to the following athletes:

UNDER 16 Boys: 1st Hayden Lloyd, 2nd Nate Sadhai, 3rd Xavier Goodman.  Girls: 1st Tamara Henry, 2nd Caitlin Mai.

UNDER 15 Boys: 1st Mitchell Gardiner, 2nd Jonas Cukavac, 3rd Braydn Rich. Girls:1st Emma Smith, 2nd Elise Cook, 3rd Bridie Shanahan.

UNDER 14 Boys: 1st Sergio Arrivillaga. 2nd Matthew Elefterescu, 3rd James Farren. Girls 1st Emma Stewart, 2nd Kira Watts, 3rd Matilda Clarke.

UNDER 13 Boys: 1st Alex Lloyd, 2nd Kurt Longalong, 3rd Felix Cukavac.  Girls: 1st Evie Ducas, 2nd Mackenzie Estlick, 3rd Anna Seymour.

UNDER 12 Boys: 1st Nicholas Ide, 2nd Riley Rogers, 3rd Oliver Quick. Girls: 1st Sarah Burton, 2nd Ellie Conroy, 3rd Imogen Lidgett-Egan.

UNDER 11 Boys: 1st Patrick Lovett, 2nd Nicholas Mai, 3rd Deegan Doyle. Girls: 1st Charlie Del Mastro, 2nd Tanae Grero, 3rd Austin Shea.

UNDER 10 Boys: 1st Oliver Aspinall, 2nd Braxtyn Affleck-Rowe, 3rd Thomas Ibrahim. Girls: =1st Myah Estlick, = 1st Mathilde Grant, 2nd Ruby Richards, 3rd Lillian Roberts.

UNDER 9 Boys: 1st Harrison Lovett, 2nd Lenny Closter, 3rd Ezekiel Horne. Girls: 1st Halo Arahanga, 2nd Mackenzie Quick, =3rd Billie Del Mastro, =3rd Iyla Robinson.

UNDER 8 Boys: 1st Sullivan Hyde, 2nd Josiah Pio, 3rd Nate Broadbent. Girls: 1st Aurora Browney, 2nd Scarlett Wake, 3rd Alexis Farrell.

UNDER 7 Boys: 1st Lucas Priestley, 2nd Hudson Grant, 3rd Phoenix Marshall. Girls: 1st Evelyn Grant, 2nd Emilia Ibrahim, 3rd Taniesha Andrews.

UNDER 6 Boys: 1st Jacob Cassar, 2nd George Jacobsen, 3rd Thomas Jacobson. Girls: 1st Mia Dutt, 2nd Charlotte Jacobson, 3rd Rylee Robinson.

Once presentations concluded the program commenced with the younger athletes competing over 70 metres while the older kids contested the 800 & 1500 metre events. The weather was a total contrast to the week before, with calm, warm conditions.  Ebony Galea was awarded the PB Star of the Week, achieving 5 PB’s in the maximum 5 events.

This week will be a Twilight Meet to be held on Friday evening commencing at 5pm.  Boomerangs Club are on set-up duty from 4pm.  The Centre will be welcoming a special visit from Santa throughout the meet.

The Centre will then break for Christmas, returning for 2021 on Saturday 16th January.