2018 Subway State Relay Championships, Saturday 15 December 2018 at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, Melbourne

BMLAC Team Manager:  Linda Thompson – Mobile Number: 0407 348287

                                              Leon Whitehand – Mobile Number: 0407 820 250

Timetable: The final State timetable is available HERE. Athletes must report to their coaches on arrival.   All athletes should arrive at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled event time, unless otherwise instructed by their coach.  Please allow plenty of time for parking and making your way into the stadium.  Parking at the venue is limited and entry queues can be long, especially earlier in the day.

Marshalling (Call Room): Coaches will escort their teams to the marshalling area.  Full teams are to present to the Call Room no later than 20 minutes prior the scheduled start time of their event.  Teams not present in the marshalling area by close of the time, will not be allowed to compete.  NO parents or coaches are permitted in the Call Room under any circumstances.

Uniform:  Plain black shorts with no logos, no pockets.  Centre singlets must have the LAVic logo and Coles Logo.  If you require a singlet, please hire one from the Centre Office. All athletes MUST wear their Subway Registration tag on the front of their singlet.

Canteen: Canteen facilities will be available.

Entry Costs:  $5 per adult, $10 per family.  Athletes and children 16 years and under are free.  Program will be on sale for $5.

Officials: BMLAC have not been allocated any duties for these Championships.

Spikes:  Only 7mm spikes known as conical or pyramid are permitted to be worn by:

  • Spikes are not permitted to be worn by Under 9-10 athletes.
  • Under 11-15 athletes may wear spikes in all events.

Heat to Final Progressions: 

If there are two heats, the first three placegetters in each heat plus the next two fastest will advance to the final and no more than eight.

If there are three heats, the first two placegetters in each heat plus the next two fastest will advance to the final and no more than eight.

Allocation of heats

Teams will be placed in heats using the Region final time.

A zig zag method will be used to evenly distribute teams across heats.

Seeding of Lanes:

Heats – Random lane allocation

Straight Final – random lane allocation

Final – Top 4 times randomly spread across the middle 4 lanes. Next 2 best times randomly allocated lane 7 & 8. Next 2 best times randomly allocated lane 1 and 2.

Presentations:  Medals will be presented to the first three place getters in each State Relay event final.  Only the 4 athletes who run in the final will receive a medal. Approved Centre Uniform must be worn at the Presentation Ceremony.

Merchandise: Championship t-shirts will be available in the merchandise room for $36.  This year, merchandise has a new location, and will be set up on the balcony at the top of the grandstand on the front straight. To speed up the sale of merchandise we highly recommend bringing cash to make payment. Card payment is also acceptable. Merchandise will open at 9am.

Good Luck – Be Your Best – Go Marsh!!