On Saturday Cross Country runners competed at two different venues. Athletes represented the Centre at the State Little Athletics Cross Country Relay Championships held at Cruden Farm, Langwarrin while the Centre’s regular weekly competition was held at Caledonian Park, Ballan.
At the State Championships Bacchus Marsh athletes Evelyn Grant and Emilia Ibrahim combined with Melton’s Sofia Anikeev to form a Western Metro Region Girls Under 9 team, producing a good solid team performance, finishing in 10th place. Harry Johansen, Auden Sundqvist and Cohen Mills formed a Under 9 BMLAC team and in a hot contested event finished in 11th place.
Under 10 athletes Joshua Askew, Angus Norman and Mitchell Tung formed a BMLAC team while Liam Way and Miller Clark were part of the WMR team combining with Melton’s Octavius Pirangi. The BMLAC team finished in 10th place with the Region’s finishing place to be confirmed (final results to be released early this week).
Lyla Clark and Anni Clarke advanced in age groups to form an Under 11 BMLAC team with Iyla Robinson. All girls produced excellent legs and the team finished a creditable 9th overall.
The final event for the Centre saw Under 12’s Elijah Sundqvist combine with promoted athletes Logan Simons and Zeke Horne. In some very tough conditions, the boys finished in 14th place.
Special thanks to Alli Grant who was our Team Manager for the day.
Boys U9 BMLAC 3x1km – 12th 12:33mins
Auden Sundqvist, 04:00 Cohen Mills 04:25, Harry Johansen 04:08.
Girls U9 WMR 3x1km – 10th 13:22mins
Emilia Ibrahim (BM) 04:09, Sofia Anikeev (Melt) 04:24, Evelyn Grant (BM) 04:49.
Boys U10 BMLAC 3x1km – 10th 11:39mins
Mitchell Tung 03:56, Joshua Askew 03:48, Angus Norman 03:55.
Boys U10 WMR 3x1km – 25th 13:24mins
Liam Way (BM) 04:00, Octavius Pirgani (Melt) 04:32, Miller Clark (BM) 04:52.
Girls U11 BMLAC 3×1.5km – 8th 18:47mins
Lyla Clark 06:44, Anni Clarke 06:01, Iyla Robinson 06:02
Boys U12 BMLAC 3×1.5km – 14th 17:58mins
Logan Simons 05:53, Elijah Sundqvist 06:17, Ezekiel Horne 05:48.