Special Events

Open Days:
Little Athletic Centres throughout Victoria conduct Open Days at which all registered athletes may compete. Correct Centre uniform is to be worn to all Open Days. For Open Day entry forms see our website www.bacchusmarshlittleathletics.org.au

Multi Event
Athletes compete in five events gaining points in each event (using LAVic multi event points table) All five events must be competed in to have completed the Multi Event. If one event is not competed in, that athlete will be deemed ineligible to win any award. Trophies are awarded to the winners of each age group with medals for second and third. Where there is only one competitor in any event, the trophy will be forfeited if a reasonable performance is not given.

Region Relay Championships
Teams from eligible children in Under 9-16 who would like to compete, are selected from the entry forms that are to be filled in and handed to your Club Team Manager prior to the closing date (which is written on the entry form). We endeavour to place all children completing the entry form into a team. Any athlete wishing to take part in relays, must make sure they will be available to run at Region level and State level if that team qualifies. Region heats are held at Melton with State finals at Casey Fields.

State Multi Event Championships
The Multi-Event is available for athletes in the Under 9-16 age groups and will consist of between five and seven separate disciplines. Events consisting of five disciplines will be held on one day. Events consisting of more than five disciplines will be held on two consecutive days. This year’s LAVic State Multi Event Championship is to be held at Lakeside Stadium. Entry for this event will be via the online portal on the Little Athletics Victoria website.

Region Track & Field Championships
Athletes in Under 9-16 who have participated in 50% or a minimum of two normal Centre competitions (whichever is greater) since their date of registration between the preceding 1 October and 31 December of the competition date. Entry for this event will be via the online portal on the Little Athletics Victoria website. This year’s Region Track & Field Championships is to be held at venue TBC. Athletes have the opportunity to progress to the State Championships at Casey Fields.

Centre Championships
Centre Championships are contested on the final day of the season. To be eligible for Centre Championships children must compete in at least half the available meetings before Christmas (from the time of registration with the Centre) and half the available meetings after Christmas. For Centre Championships, children must be registered by 31 December. This rule does not apply to children who transfer from other LA Centres.

Centre Championships will be conducted in the following format. A maximum of three track and two field or two track and three field events may be entered. An exception may be Under 13-16 when lack of numbers may necessitate elimination of some events. Centre Executive for Championships to decide. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be presented to placegetters in finals of each event. Where there is only one competitor in any event, the medal will be forfeited if a reasonable performance is not given.

This squad has been formed by LAVic for all athletes in the U12 – U16 age groups. The aim of the squad is to continue to develop, assist, improve and to foster athletes to achieve their personal best and to be comparable with other Junior Interstate Athletic Squads or any other junior sporting body.
Athletes must qualify in 1 event twice (at separate meets) or 2 separate events once to be eligible. Only 1 qualifying performance is required at the State Multi Event and State Cross Country Championships. For the qualifying standard please refer to page 52 of this handbook. Athletes may qualify at LAVic Centre competitions, Open Days, Region and State Championships, VPSSA and VSSSA State Championships, AV sanctioned events and APS/AGS Combined Finals. Applications must include supporting documentation on the performances.

The ALAC (Australian Little Athletics Championships) is a 2 Day Championship that incorporates 2 events, the ATC and AMEC.
The ATC is the Australian Teams Championships for the U13 athletes, while the AMEC is the Australian Multi- Event Championships for the U15 athletes.
The ALAC is conducted as a Team based competition, where athletes score points based on Athletes Place, not performance.
Individually the athletes are competing for medals, however their place determines the points that the Team receives. This is the most important component of the ALAC

Our Centre supports the development of our children’s athletic ability and achievements. The Centre will ‘consider on merit’ any registered athlete who gains selection to compete in a National LA Australia athletic event with $100 to assist them with expenses. A National LA Australia Representation Application Form must be completed and submitted to the executive prior to the event. Approval of the sponsorship is at the absolute discretion of the Centre Executive Committee. Payment of the amount will be made after the competition and will be conditional on the athlete attending and competing in the selected event.