In light of rapid developments in recent days with respect to the coronavirus pandemic, the decision has been taken to postpone the State Track & Field Championships, due to take place this coming weekend.

LAVic has taken this decision in interests of the health of our athletes, families, officials, volunteers, staff, suppliers and the general public. This is in line with the approach other sports and public events here in Australia and around the world have taken with regards to mass gatherings in past days. Clearly, while other sports can conduct their competitions in the absence of crowds, Little Athletics, with its requirement for parental oversight and volunteers, cannot proceed.

Every effort will be made to find a suitable alternate date later in 2020 to stage the Track & Field Championships.

LAVic is hugely grateful to the efforts of all in the Victorian Little Athletics community to bring us to this point in season 20/21. We recognise that an enormous number of people and organisations will be greatly inconvenienced by this decision. Our position has not been taken lightly.

Centre competitions for the remainder of the season: a further announcement will be made no later than 1pm this afternoon about the immediate future of Centre competition.

Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC) selection: we are waiting on advice regarding the finalisation of team selections and this in turn will be communicated in due course.
The LAVic Team