The Bacchus Marsh Little Athletic Centre celebrated the end of season on Saturday with our annual Centre Championships.

A lovely day greeted all athletes, family and friends.  Athletes competed in their 5 favourite selected events, with medals up for grabs for the first 3 placegetters in all finals.

2 new Centre records were set on the day.  After the lunch break the senior athletes competed in the long hurdles finals.  Tamara Henry set another Centre record in her final day of competition, bettering the previous Under 16 300m Hurdles record in a new time of 53.68 seconds.  Alex Lloyd flew home in the Under 13 200m Hurdles in a record time of 31.79 secs.

After completion of events all athletes and supporters joined together for the Centre presentations.  10-year Little Athletics Victoria service awards were presented to Tamara Henry, Elise Cook, Danielle Ide, Braydn Rich, Bridie Shanahan, Freya Lidgett-Egan, Caitlin Mai, Tyrah Doyle (Jez Baker-Radford abs). 7-year service awards were presented to Rohan Sayers. Mitchell Wells, Mackenzie Estlick, Sarah Burton, Nicholas Ide, Evie White, Lachlan Simons (Nelson Banigo, Sadie Jones abs).  Xavier Goodman is still waiting on his 10 year certificate from LAVic.

The Centre awarded Life Membership to Maria Downes. Maria has served on the BMLAC Committee for 10 years Р1 year as Masons Lane Representative, 2 years as Liaison Officer and 7 years as Centre President. Maria has also been President of the Dolphins Club for 7 years, Assistant Cross Country Co-ordinator for 5 years.  Maria officiated as Chief at Shot Put for 5 years and was also Region Shot Put Chief for 2 years.

Season Award winners were presented as follows:

                                Boys                                                        Girls

UNDER 6              Jacob Cassar                                         Mia Dutt

Runner Up            Lachlan Godfrey                                    Rylee Robinson

UNDER 7              Hudson Grant                                        Evelyn Grant

Runner Up            Lucas Priestley                                      Raynie Broadbent

UNDER 8              Nate Broadbent                                     Auroa Browney

Runner Up            Angus Norman                                       Scarlett Wake

UNDER 9              Harrison Lovett                                      Halo Arahanga

Runner Up            Lenny Closter                                         Iyla Robinson

UNDER 10            Oliver Aspinall                                        Mathilde Grant

Runner Up            Elijah Grero                                            Myah Estlick

UNDER 11            Nicholas Mai                                          Tanae Grero

Runner Up            Patrick Lovett                                         Charlie Del Mastro

UNDER 12            Nicholas Ide                                           Evie White

Runner Up            Riley Rogers                                          Sarah Burton

UNDER 13            Alex Lloyd                                              Mackenzie Estlick

Runner Up            Felix Cukavac                                        Evie Ducas

UNDER 14            Matthew Elefterescu                              Emma Stewart

Runner Up            Sergio Arrivillaga                                    Summer Brigham

UNDER 15            Jonas Cukavac                                      Emma Smith

Runner Up            Mitchell Gardiner                                    Bridie Shanahan

UNDER 16            Zane Rich                                              Caitlin Mai

Runner Up            Nate Sadhai                                           Tamara Henry


JUNIOR CHAMPIONS                       Nate Broadbent                    Evelyn Grant

INTERMEDIATE CHAMPIONS         Harrison Lovett                    Mathilde Grant

SENIOR CHAMPIONS                       Matthew Elefterescu            Emma Stewart


JUNIOR                                              Oscar Phillips

INTERMEDIATE                                Cooper Stamps

SENIOR                                              Ruby Payne

THE JIM LILBURNE AWARD (Most outstanding 100m Runner) ‚Äď Nelson Banigo

THE WAYNE ARNOLD AWARD (Most outstanding High Jumper) ‚Äď Tamara Henry

THE EGG BOARD SHIELD (Champion Club) – Dolphins

THE TREVOR LYNE AWARD (Most outstanding Triple Jumper) ‚Äď Tamara Henry



The BMLAC Cross Country season will commence on Saturday 1st May, 10.30am at Masons Lane Reserve.  Summer season BMLAC registration also

covers athletes for the cross-country season. However, new members are welcome to BMLAC during the cross-country season for a small registration fee.