The Centre had 31 athletes represented at the Western Metro Region Track & Field Carnival over the weekend at Goldsworthy Reserve, Corio.
With athletes representing Altona, Brimbank, Corio, Geelong, Gisborne, Melton, South Melbourne, South Coast, Werribee and Williamstown, our athletes were up against the Region’s best.
The Centre won an amazing 16 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze medals.
Bridie Shanahan, in her final Region Carnival, won 4 Gold medals, winning the Shot Put, Javelin, Long Jump and Triple Jump. Skyla Berryman dominated on the track, winning Gold in the 70m, 100m, 200m with younger sister Mya crossing the finish line first in the 70m and 100m. Nicholas Mai was in sensational form, as he glided over the hurdles, claiming victory in the 80m and 200m hurdles. Dannielle Ide was rewarded with a Gold medal in the 300m Hurdles. Mackenzie Estlick flew down the straight to record a convincing win the 100m while Sam White also notched up a win in the 1500m. Alexis Farrell threw a PB in the Shot Put to take first place and Eni Olaitan ran a magnificent 200 metres to be presented with the Gold medal.
All these athletes have been rewarded for their performances with an automatic qualifier to the State Track & Field Championships to be held at Lakeside Stadium on March 11 and 12.
Little Athletics Victoria will announce further progressions later in the week, and with a large number of 2nd and 3rd place-getters, Bacchus Marsh should be well represented at the State Championships.
Thank you to all parents who completed their duties over the weekend and special thanks to all those who completed additional duties as required. Thank you to Leon Whitehand who was the Chief Official at Shot Put for both days of competition. A big thank you to Karen Stewart who assisted Linda as Team Manager over the entire weekend. A massive thanks to everyone who supported our athletes and sent messages of encouragement to our kids.
BMLAC Results:
300m Hurdles: Danielle Ide 54.61 (1st);
Discus: Bridie Shanahan 29.16m (4th);
Javelin: Bridie Shanahan 37.74m (1st);
Long Jump: Bridie Shanahan 4.77m (1st);
Shot Put: Bridie Shanahan 11.20m (1st);
Triple Jump: Bridie Shanahan 11.03m (1st);
90m Hurdles: Emma Stewart 16.96 (2nd);
Discus: Emma Stewart 26.44m (3rd);
Javelin: Emma Stewart 26.62m (2nd);
Long Jump: Emma Stewart 4.70m (2nd);
Shot Put: Emma Stewart 9.01m (3rd);
100m: Mackenzie Estlick 13.18 (1st);
200m: Mackenzie Estlick 27.37 (2nd);
High Jump: Mackenzie Estlick 1.45m (3rd);
Long Jump: Mackenzie Estlick 5.03m (2nd);
Triple Jump: Mackenzie Estlick 10.30m (2nd);
400m: Lily Norman 78.79 (7th);
1500m: Lily Norman 7:01.90 (4th);
Discus: Keira Stapleton 19.56m (5th); Lily Norman 15.73m (7th);
Shot Put: Keira Stapleton 5.88m (4th);
100m: Halo Arahanga 15.30 (7th); Tahlia Hunter 17.27 (33rd);
200m: Halo Arahanga 32.06 (9th);
High Jump: Halo Arahanga 1.20m (5th);
Javelin: Tahlia Hunter 5.05m (11th);
Long Jump: Halo Arahanga 3.69m (4th);
70m: Skyla Berryman 10.55 (1st);
100m: Skyla Berryman 14.83 (1st); Alexis Farrell 16.06 (4th);
200m: Skyla Berryman 31.96 (1st); Anni Clarke 34.51 (5th); Alexis Farrell 34.71 (7th);
400m: Lexi Stapleton 84.72 (11th);
800m: Anni Clarke 2:54.55 (3rd); Lexi Stapleton 3:09.35 (9th);
60m Hurdles: Anni Clarke 12.90 (2nd); Alexis Farrell 13.90 (11th);
Discus: Anni Clarke 15.38m (4th);
Long Jump: Alexis Farrell 3.44m (6th); Anni Clarke 3.36m (7th);
Shot Put: Alexis Farrell 7.07m (1st);
70m: Mya Berryman 11.24 (1st); Eniola Eni) Olaitan 11.34 (2nd);
100m: Mya Berryman 15.93 (1st); Eniola Eni) Olaitan 16.15 (2nd);
200m: Eniola Eni) Olaitan 33.59 (1st); Mya Berryman 34.46 (4th); Nyah Halfhide 35.26 (5th);
400m: Emilia Ibrahim 83.29 (5th);
800m: Emilia Ibrahim 3:06.97 (5th); Nyah Halfhide 3:11.86 (7th);
Discus: Emilia Ibrahim 8.74m (6th);
High Jump: Nyah Halfhide 0.90m (10th);
Shot Put: Nyah Halfhide 4.61m (4th); Emilia Ibrahim 3.29m (12th);
400m: Samuel White 66.17 (5th);
800m: Samuel White 2:34.49 (2nd);
1500m: Samuel White 5:14.33 (1st);
Discus: Samuel White 20.68m (3rd);
Javelin: Samuel White 29.80m (3rd);
High Jump: Alex Lloyd 1.55m (2nd);
90m Hurdles: Nicholas Ide 14.28 (3rd);
200m Hurdles: Nicholas Ide 31.85 (3rd);
Javelin: Nicholas Ibrahim 23.56m (6th);
Long Jump: Nicholas Ibrahim 3.84m (7th);
Triple Jump: Nicholas Ide 9.75m (3rd); Nicholas Ibrahim 8.62m (7th);
200m: Patrick Lovett 30.12 (11th);
800m: Patrick Lovett 2:45.09 (11th);
1500m: Patrick Lovett 5:48.87 (10th);
80m Hurdles: Nicholas Mai 13.39 (1st);
200m Hurdles: Nicholas Mai 30.06 (1st);
Long Jump: Patrick Lovett DNS;
Triple Jump: Nicholas Mai 9.77m (4th); Patrick Lovett 8.76m (13th);
Long Jump: Thomas Ibrahim 3.25m (16th);
Triple Jump: Thomas Ibrahim 6.71m (20th);
100m: Harrison Lovett 15.26 (11th);
200m: Harrison Lovett 30.80 (5th); James White DNS;
400m: Ezekiel Horne 79.56 (14th);
800m: Ezekiel Horne 2:48.64 (9th);
1500m: Ezekiel Horne 5:36.97 (6th);
80m Hurdles: James White 18.74 (16th);
Discus: Harrison Lovett 19.90m (7th);
High Jump: Harrison Lovett 1.30m (3rd); Ezekiel Horne NM;
Javelin: James White 13.87m (11th);
Long Jump: Ezekiel Horne 2.98m (17th); James White 2.45m (19th);
Triple Jump: Harrison Lovett 8.74m (2nd); James White DNS;
100m: Angus Norman 16.49 (19th);
200m: Joshua Askew 36.11 (20th);
400m: Angus Norman 77.19 (10th); Joshua Askew 80.86 (14th);
800m: Joshua Askew 2:54.54 (12th);
60m Hurdles: Angus Norman 12.80 (11th);
High Jump: Angus Norman 1.05m (13th);
Long Jump: Angus Norman 3.19m (17th); Joshua Askew 2.96m (18th);
100m: Cohen Mills 17.21 (17th); Sampath Dwarampudi 17.72 (20th); Lucas Priestley DNS;
200m: Cohen Mills 35.90 (15th);
400m: Cohen Mills 85.72 (13th); Auden Sundqvist DNS;
800m: Auden Sundqvist 3:07.14 (10th);
60m Hurdles: Sampath Dwarampudi 12.76 (13th); Lucas Priestley DNS;
Discus: Lucas Priestley DNS;
High Jump: Lucas Priestley DNS;
Long Jump: Sampath Dwarampudi 2.75m (12th); Lucas Priestley DNS;