Rules and Regulations

Little Athletics Competitions in Victoria are conducted in accordance with the Competition Rules of Little Athletics Australia (LAA).

LAA uses the World Athletics (WA) rules, as the basis, and makes modifications to the rules to suit the ages, nature and abilities of athletes participating in Little Athletics.

These Competition Rules are to be used at all Region Carnivals and State Championships, and in conjunction with the Centre Officiating Booklet, form the basis of all rules at Centre level for U6-U17 athletes. This provides a consistent and safe program for all participants in Little Athletics.

These Competition Rules relate to the Standard Events of Little Athletics. Additionally, there are events and specifications that are deemed inappropriate for inclusion at all levels of competition and athletic skill development activities. The following events are not allowed at Little Athletics.

  • Hammer Throw
  • Pole Vault
  • Steeple Chase
  • All events over 8km.

The Standard Events apply to all levels of competitions from Centre to State Competitions. Refer to Appendix 1 for the Standard Events table.

Where there is any doubt on a rule or its interpretation, the current World Athletics Competition Rule book should be reviewed to provide clarity around its application, remembering the benefit of the doubt shall be in favour of the athlete.

There are processes and specific rules that apply to competitions conducted at Centre, Region and State level that are listed in a separate document.Ā  These Competition Regulations and Events plans are the administrative processes that assist in providing a consistent and safe program for all participants.


Document Version Released View
2023-24 Centre Level Standard Events Table Sep 2023
2023-24 Centre Officiating Booklet Oct 2023
2023-24 Centre Uniform Booklet Jul 2023
2023-24 Competition Regulations 3.0 Sep 2023
2023-24 Competition Rules 7.0 Sep 2023
2023-24 Competition Rules and Regulation Changes Sep 2023
2023-24 Hurdle Specifications Oct 2023
2023-24 Multi-Class Shot Put Specifications Sep 2023
2023-24 Multi-Class Discus Specifications Sep 2023
2023-24 Multi-Class Javelin Specifications Oct 2023
2023-24 Throwing Implements Specifications Sep 2023
World Athletics Competition Rules C1.1 Sep 2023
World Athletics Technical Rules C2.1 Sep 2023


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