Competition Rules (Regulation 8)

Little Athletics competitions in Victoria are conducted in accordance with the Competition Rules of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) currently in force.

Where it has been decided the IAAF Rules are not indicative or correct for athletes in the age groups covered by LAVic, the IAAF Rule or part thereof has been rewritten to reflect the nature and abilities of athletes in the various age groups.

There are also a number of Rules relating to State Championships and their processes which are not covered by IAAF and these have been listed in a separate chapter,

Little Athletics Victoria is sincerely grateful to the IAAF for approval to use the IAAF Rules or parts thereof.

Little Athletics Victoria Rules are based on the Little Athletics Australia Rules with modifications.

Please click on the below links to download a copy of the relevant rules.

IAAF Rules Competition Regulations

Championship Uniform and Spike Guidelines 

Centre Uniforms