2023/24 Club Contacts

Blues: Dark blue polo shirt, black shorts.
Team Manager Karen Stewart 0408 372 903
Duty Officer Bethan White 0415 811 121


Boomerangs: Yellow polo shirt, black shorts.
Team Manager Angela Jones 0411 130 770
Duty Officer Karen Payne 0418 392 438


Dolphins: White polo shirt, black shorts. 
Team Manager Chantelle Estlick 0401 095 759
Duty Officer Beth Shea Private


Eagles: Red polo shirt, black shorts.
Team Manager Tamara Norman 0415 644 933
Duty Officer Debra Briggs 0421 569 381


Instructions for Duty Officers

  1. Ensure that specific people are available to put out and return the equipment on the day.
  2. Equipment is to be in place ½ an hour before the first event.
  3. All equipment is to be replaced correctly in the pavilion storeroom.
  4. Report damage and or missing equipment to the Centre Executive for Technical Requirements.